Blonde hair colors-30 Greatest Blonde Hair Colors in Honey, Dirty, Ash & Platinum

From toasty melt to peach cobbler , the food-inspired hair color names keep on coming. The next trend being served up? Mushroom blond hair, which according to Pinterest is quickly outpacing other popular shades like cold brew and toasted coconut, with searches on the site for it up by percent. Mushroom blond is an in-between color—not quite blond, not quite brunette, making it the perfect transitional shade. These tones evolved from the gray and silver trend to a slightly more natural look.

Blonde hair colors

Amber Heard's three-inches Blonde hair colors brown Blnode are made purposeful, not forgetful, thanks to itty-bitty, hand-painted blonde highlights that start at her hairline and snake Bllonde way back. Amy loves a layered look since her Bi yan is so thick. Try a mix of blonde and rich brown color for a bit of drama. Tasked with the challenge of colord Dua's hair from deep brunette to a light honey, her hair colourist, Nicola Clarke at the John Frieda Salons team commented, "the biggest challenge was keeping the hair as healthy as possible whilst making Bponde huge colour change. I also recommend a heat protectant and oil because lifting the hair to that level can be extremely damaging. Old Hollywood glamour Blonde hair colors in its finest form with luscious, golden waves matched by dewy, glowing skin. Ashy Highlights. Laid-back and lovely is the name of her style game. Making the decision to go blonde is a big one - hair colour is such a huge part of our identity and self-expression, it's pretty easy to understand why. Poppy Delevingne's creamy blonde locks are giving off major scandi vibes.

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Hilary Duff shared the first Lizzie Collrs pic. Dimension and texture was created via hand painting the collors. Full-Spectrum Highlights. Go ash blonde like Scarlett Johansson. In the end, we will be able to go longer between appointments and only do partial highlights every six to eight weeks. If you have a warm caramel skin tone, complement your complexion with a deep honey blonde like Beyonce's. Get inspired before your next hair appointment with blonde hair colors to highlight complexions of all ranges —and to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. Pale Strawberry Blonde. After the lightness was achieved I glazed her in a pinky rose gold color that whispers. After the curls set, I run my fingers through the curls and finish Blonde hair colors Amika Texture Spray. Colora Highlights. Take Lauren Conrad's style to your salon. Image zoom.

Having been through every hair color under the sun, I can definitely assure you that blondes DO have more fun!

  • Having been through every hair color under the sun, I can definitely assure you that blondes DO have more fun!
  • Do blondes really have more fun?
  • In search of your next hair colour?
  • There are so many ways to go blonde.
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Given the colors changing outside, there are two different strategies when it comes to coloring your hair in the fall. One approach is to correspond with the season and go darker than usual. Trends like mushroom blonde hair yes, inspired by fungus and shadow roots create darker, caramel and amber-hued lowlights that we absolutely adore in the fall, while still maintaining your signature blonde look.

When it starts to get cold outside, honey-blonde hues or gold-tinted highlights can help you feel a bit lighter literally and metaphorically. They key to rocking this brighter look is keeping it natural. For the fall months, we're all about the low-maintenance hair colors, and this grown-out, subtle brown-to-blonde ombre just may be our new obsession.

Shiny, yet subtle highlights deliver a gorgeous sun-kissed effect that's perfect to lighten up the fall months. Bronde: the perfect middle ground between blonde and brunette.

A perfect solution for brunettes looking to go lighter or blondes who want to try out a darker shade. We don't know about you, but we're obsessed with this hair color that just so happens to be named after our favorite fall breakfast. The balayage technique creates a masterful transition between colors to minimize maintenance and upkeep, while still delivering a gorgeous highlighted color.

For those looking to make a statement, try out high-contrast color. The dark roots mellow out the bright ends for a stormy autumnal shade that the stylist dubs "Desert Sandstorm.

Yes, peach cobbler hair is a thing, and this subtler version of the trend adds peach notes to a mid-toned blonde to make a color meant for the fall. This color is perfect for those with cool skin tones who still want a little warmth. The natural ombre is sleek and sophisticated. This borderline hue blends brunette and blonde to create an ashy, yet still bright look.

Ask your stylist for ash or neutral blonde balayage. This caramel color has us dreaming of our favorite fall beverage, the pumpkin spice latte. Dark roots give way to light, cinnamon-hued highlights for a warm effect. This hair color is sleek and sophisticated, with a subtle balayage that brings life to this mushroom-inspired color. In the depths of fall or winter, a bright icy blonde will really pop against dark sweaters or coats. You can never go wrong with the ever-classic strawberry blonde.

This shade is guaranteed to warm your complexion and pop against all those changing fall leaves. A few years ago, we'd be terrified of shadow roots , but the trend of leaving your roots dark has made a serious comeback. By Zoe Denenberg. Pin ellipsis More. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. A warm root color fades into cool-toned ends for a silvery color that maintains its dimension. With a touch of ashy mauve, this cool beige blonde blends well into naturally dark roots. Brown fades into warm blonde in this fall shade.

Lighter highlights blend into the balayage to create a multi-dimensional look. If you haven't already gotten on board with mushroom blonde, now is the time.

This earthy color is a great, understated yet dynamic tone for the fall. Caramel tones lift up the dark blonde base color to create a glowy, sun-kissed look. This brown-to-blonde ombre embraces pronounced roots for a lovely dimensional effect. This understated blonde captures the light in the most magical ways. With light blonde framing the face and peachy blonde painted down to the ends, this style is so multi-dimensional.

This blonde is truly kissed with gold. They simply shine with golden accents and bouncy texture. A cool-toned ombre that leaves your hair looking deliciously voluminous and oh-so creamy. This darker golden color is lower-maintenance than your bright summer blonde, with shiny highlights that still pop in all the right ways.

These stunning blonde waves incorporate warm- and cool-toned highlights to create a multi-dimensional, golden effect. This highlighted blonde is layered to be brightest on the strand right around the face called the "moneypiece" to really draw eyes. These honeyed hues are made for days around the campfire. A subtle balayage keeps the look fresh and effortless. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook.

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Silver Blonde. I love how icy blonde she is and how consistent the color is from roots to ends. This look could be for low-maintenance gals or high-maintenance for two reasons — low maintenance girls would win because to keep this color as healthy as possible. Amy loves a layered look since her hair is so thick. They are a necessity for long, healthy hair like this client. Creamy Blonde Balayage. Butterscotch Blonde Instagram hairstefani.

Blonde hair colors

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24 Blonde hair colours - From ash to dark blonde - Here's what every shade looks like IRL

Having been through every hair color under the sun, I can definitely assure you that blondes DO have more fun! Check out these blonde looks and give being a blonde a second thought. What a babe! Stylist Megan made this blonde even more radiant by adding lowlights in several places. This is one of my favorite looks, champagne blonde with a shadow root.

Adding a shadow root to your blondes allows them to go months instead of weeks between visits without losing the brightness every blonde wants. When photographing this look I love using my beachy waves to show all the dimension this look has. Be careful with ash because it can actually make your blonde appear darker. Ash does not reflect light. You need gold to reflect light, so often times the ash blonde to appear darker because they do not reflect light.

When I have a guest in the salon and we are going through the consultation, if they say they want an ash blonde I will grab a swatch and hold it up against their skin. When a stylist says they want to add gold into the hair I believe clients hear brass! Gold is far from brass, and to achieve the bright blonde we see on most celebrities, gold is needed in your formula.

Products are a must for blondes. My favorite products for blondes are Oribe run-through detangling primer, royal blowout heat styling spray, and matte waves texture lotion. I love this beautiful golden blonde balayage.

I cut her with long layers just to give the hair a little movement and texture. I styled it using a curling rod but it can also be achieved with a flat iron or curling iron. I prepped her hair with Kevin Murphy antigravity. I followed up with Kevin Murphy Bedroom hair spray. This color will work with most any lengths. It will look beautiful with beachy waves, curls, and straight. If you like a little brightness around the face you can always add some babylights or a bolder highlight in the front.

And in my opinion, they just keep getting better and better with every appointment! I actually love everything about this look. Ash, silver, and cool blondes are very popular so I love when I get the chance to do a gorgeous buttery bright blonde.

Stylish but easy! I used a 1-inch curling iron to achieve this look using larger sections and curling away from the face. The cut is a long textured bob with a blunt perimeter to keep it looking fresh and healthy. The blonding was done with a mix of balayage and a baby foiling technique. After the lightness was achieved I glazed her in a pinky rose gold color that whispers.

This makes it uniquely customized and fun, yet keeping her looking professional. Something a little different! The lob long bob is great for pretty much every face shape and age range. It is an early at home achievable look. I will say these soft hues do tend to fade.

When it does she is left with a beautiful blonde. Her color will also grow out soft and blended because of the technique I desired to use. I work with Lanza so I know everything I use is healing and heat protecting to the hair and also has UV protection, ensuring her color lasts as long as possible. Our goal was a low maintenance, sun-kissed balayage to complement the natural strawberry blonde tones in her dirty blonde hair. We cut her hair with the intention of keeping it long and healthy.

Some slide cutting was added through the interior to create movement. My favorite part of this look is the depth in her crown against the brighter V points of the balayage. I love how the curls accentuate the dimension and allow you to see all the different tones of her hair.

Appreciate your natural beauty and seek to enhance the canvas you have, rather than change it. Healthy hair is the best hair. They are a necessity for long, healthy hair like this client. Aim for realistic expectations for color. Sometimes less is more nevertheless, it takes time. I would also recommend high-quality products and tools. I keep my blow drying organized and smooth to make it easier on myself. Also, when I curl, I rotate the direction of my iron for each curl to add dimension.

Finish with a light, airy hairspray, like Oribe Superfine, for defined curls or comb out for a looser wave. This look is dream hair! Unicorn blonde hair, dreamy cascading waves of creamy white blonde. The technical description is softly shadowed white blonde hair with long textured layers and beachy waves.

I do all of my own colors, shampooing, drying, cutting, and styling! This look could be for low-maintenance gals or high-maintenance for two reasons — low maintenance girls would win because to keep this color as healthy as possible. On the other hand, this color is pretty high maintenance to retain the tone- constant purple shampooing, constant toner, and trim appointments to keep the hair healthy because we all know, white blonde is fragile! You can always change your mind and go for something different, however, once you go blonde, you might not want to go back.

Basically, this color could work for both high or low maintenance girls but I would say it requires more upkeep than say, a darker blonde or golden blonde, ombre or sombre look would.

I would call this look a blonde bombshell! My favorite thing about this look is how much dimension it has. I would recommend a lot of commitment. She is a natural level 5, so we have done full highlights every four to six weeks. In the end, we will be able to go longer between appointments and only do partial highlights every six to eight weeks. Between appointments, I recommend using professional hair care products at home. My favorite at home product for blondes is Oribe Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner.

It has a purple base which makes blondes brighter! It also would not work well with dry curly hair because you want your hair to be healthy to begin this process.

Being a blonde works best for olive undertones, however pale skin and blonde hair is a beautiful combo. This is a heavy balayage used to ease her out of doing foils! I love how icy blonde she is and how consistent the color is from roots to ends. I recommend a purple shampoo for anyone who is trying to keep their blonde hair ashy and vibrant.

A balayage looks great for anyone who is trying to stay away from a six week maintenance schedule. The skin types I would recommend for this tone of hair would be more on the pale side. Anyone with a lot of color in their skin might feel that their hair looks very artificial.

This is the type of hair that suits people with fair skin. The color is not that damaging so it is friendly for brunettes to try. I would describe this blonde hair color as natural and sunkissed. My favorite thing about this look is the soft blend along with the vanilla ice tones. After the curls set, I run my fingers through the curls and finish with Amika Texture Spray. To maintain your blonde hair, purple shampoo is a must!

Milkshake brand is by far my favorite purple shampoo due to its potency and it smells amazing! Lather the shampoo on your ends first, then work it up into your scalp. Leave on for three to five minutes. I always recommend clients use it once a week. I recommend balayage to anyone who likes a more natural and low maintenance look.

Any hair type can wear balayage. Stylist Lizele has a magical touch with this color job! The lowlights and dark tips made the look more dimensional. This look is a bright, soft blonde using balayage.

Using a After curling, use a pea-sized amount of shine finishing cream on the hair and take it through the ends of the curls. Finish by texturizing and separating the waves with a dry texture finishing spray to add movement and a modern texture. My favorite is from Oribe.

This look is perfect for anyone looking for a lower maintenance color, as well as anyone who wants to add more dimension and amp up their hair! I always recommend my blonde clients use a purple toning shampoo to maintain the look. It was created using a micro foiling technique through the root to the mid-length area, then freehand lightened from the mid-lengths to ends.

Blonde hair colors

Blonde hair colors