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Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts

All Brands A. I am unaware of a manual. Inthe Oldsmobile Pzrts front wheel transaxle with a ci engine in conjunction with a GM 3-speed automatic was used. Front wheel drive cubic inch Rocket V-8 with four-barrel carburetor driving the front wheels through turbo-hydromatic Series three-speed transmission. In sportsvoach, the company was acquired by 26 owners of Cortez coaches and production continued through Vintage sportscoach parts the company folded. Toy Haulers. Watch Our Full Video. Force lb 10 13 15 20 22 24 25 28 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 74 75 80 87 90 97 Fill out our application today!

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Bunk Models. Add a Blog Post View All. Pace Arrow 17 members. Cross Country gives you all the benefits of a diesel coach at a price comparable to many class A gas RVs. Vintage Aluminum Eggs 3 members. Toy Haulers. Connect to join the chat. Started by Gangbangs belgium E Johnson. Please check your browser settings or contact your Vintage sportscoach parts administrator. The powerful Cummins rear diesel engine gets you there in style. Added by Tim Dailey. If you love sportscowch and vintage RVs then come Join us.

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Click here to read about the event and view photos. We have started to compile a list of motorhomes and hope to continue to collect additional information on these wonderful vintage coaches. Cortez Motorhome was a Class-A motor coach made in the United States between and , with 3, units built. The Clark Forklift Company began making these small motorhomes in in Battle Creek, Michigan and are commonly referred to as Clark Cortez motorhomes.

Class-A motor coaches are built as an integrated unit, including the chassis and engine, whereas Class-B and C motorhomes are built on top of an existing truck chassis. A four speed manual front wheel drive transaxle was used to eliminate a driveshaft tunnel that would have increased height or diminished interior headroom. Early units used a Chrysler ci industrial slant-6 engine. In a V-8 engine was introduced, using a Ford ci engine but still using the 4-speed manual transaxle.

In , the Oldsmobile Toronado front wheel transaxle with a ci engine in conjunction with a GM 3-speed automatic was used. The motorhomes produced from are commonly referred to as Kent Cortez motorhomes. In , the company was acquired by 26 owners of Cortez coaches and production continued through when the company folded. A final batch of units were completed by a bank in James Krantz purchased the tooling, spare parts, and a few unfinished units around and moved operations to Lafayette, La.

There under the name Cortez Inc. Operations ceased in Lafayette around Clark management had envisioned a variety of uses for the Cortez. They were made as mobile offices, classrooms, and ambulances. Cortez motorhome owners included Vincent Price, a devoted fan of this early motorhome.

Cortez Motorhomes still enjoy a devoted following. Aficionados prefer its all-steel body despite rust issues, its smooth ride, and its moderate size. The Revcon motorhome dates back to , when a man named John Hall conceived the idea of a low-profile, front-drive coach with a lightweight aluminum monocoque body.

This was not entirely a coincidence since John was the stepson of Wally Byam, the founder of Airstream. John Hall worked for Airstream for 20 years as an engineer and later in marketing.

Articles make the case for Hall being the driving force at Airstream in trailer design. That he dedicated himself to starting Revcon in was no surprise. Production started in Fountain Valley, California, with the model using the Oldsmobile Toronado engine and drive system. By the end of the s, however, Olds had downgraded its drive systems, which were no longer suitable for motorhome use, so Revcon designed its own front-wheel drive system using the Chevrolet engine.

They also redesigned the nose of the coach at this time to the beautiful streamlined shape that was in use with minor variations until the end of production in This is a brochure left we picked up in We actually purchased several parts to repair our GMC. I have no idea how many GMC replicas they produced. We only saw the one in this picture. Through research for this posting, we have been informed that there were three produced.

The two pictured in the brochure above and one that is currently for sale on the Bethune Sales Company website. The Tiara Motorhome was the successor to the Ultra van which used the Corvair engine. There were two shortcomings from using the Corvair engine in the ultra-light Ultra Van: it was underpowered and Chevrolet discontinued production after Front-wheel-drive may have been a bit of expensive over-kill for the personal-luxury coupe Toronado, but the Oldsmobile engineers who created the unitized power package UPP unleashed a revolution for powering motor homes.

It was just the ticket: a compact, but very powerful and slick package to stick in the front end of an RV. So Burgess took the basics of the Ultra Van, including its airplane-like alloy body and low floor, and reconfigured it to accept the UPP. The result was the Tiara produced by Belco, Inc. The Travoy featured a long aerodynamic nose that had two benefits: access to the engine and high speed.

Front wheel drive cubic inch Rocket V-8 with four-barrel carburetor driving the front wheels through turbo-hydromatic Series three-speed transmission. Included a heavy duty towing service Harrison radiator.

All components are of standard General Motors production as utilized in the Toronado. Exhaust is full-flow dual. Peter R. They also built the Travco, Sightseer and others. I am unaware of a manual.

I have seen on blogs that there are others looking for one. Have you made a request to the Vintage Motorhomes facebook page? Good luck! Parts Interchange Contact Us Members. Crockpot Prep Sun. Breakfast Sun. Intro to XF Sun. Parts Exchange Sun.

Ice Cream Social Mon. Breakfast Mon. Thank you! Source: Bill Bryant. Source: curbsideclassic. Source: Corvair. William C Mapp on December 29, at pm. Kim Weeks on February 11, at am.

Class B. More about Sportscoach by Coachmen RV. Hatchlift HatchLift Replace or add lifts to cargo doors. The BH is a bunk model motor home offering exceptional value for the larger family wanting to purchase a diesel model. Class A Gas. Thank you for shopping with us at Motor Home Specialist. Add a Discussion View All.

Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts. Latest Activity


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Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts

Vintage sportscoach parts