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But lately, it feels like all the accolades have been strictly cast to women only. And as we know, men are the true asses of this world. It just feels unfair to leave them behind. Because man-butts are glorious glory holes. They stand up for you, but also know when to take a backseat.

Girld ass

Girld ass

Girld ass

Signin here. First, compliment her with something like:. We hold eye contact and then I lean in for a kiss. Bite your lip and look at Girld ass ass as you ask, not her. DPReview Digital Photography. Parents Guide. If possible, my hand is always on ass.

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But lately, it feels like all the accolades have been strictly cast to women only. And as we know, men are the true asses of this world. It just feels unfair to leave them behind. Because man-butts are glorious glory holes.

They stand up for you, but also know when to take a backseat. Science may tell us that poop comes out of there. Christian Grey might be prevented from slapping any around. Channing Tatum might threaten to cover up his for good. Here are 18 reasons girls love a man with a nice butt. He gets in tush with his love for you. Your man is there to support you unconditionally while also understanding that some things need to be dealt with on your own. People will appreciate that you brought such a beautiful bum to the party and are willing to share the eye-space.

If you trip up in life and conveniently land on his ass, it really feels like waking up and smelling the roses. He just wants to spread the good time. He knows how to move his body and get down. Man-butts are meant for grooving with, after all. Give your head a real rest by laying on his pleasantly perky peaks. Instead of taping fitspo pictures of J.

Lo and Nicki on your fridge, you can just admire his. The eyes might be the window to the soul, but the ass is the window to the rest of your body.

According to studies, a big butt is actually good for your heart and brain. Your relationship, like his derriere, is perfectly healthy because you two have a solid mix of competition and compatibility. Just watching him do the dishes is entertaining. You forget about the laundry because his ass is doing the spin cycle. By Laura Argintar. He knows when to butt out of your lady problems Riding the crimson wave?

Struggling with an evil bestie? That thing is pure jelly. Now you two can be twinsies! He can dance well He knows how to move his body and get down. You know he has good genes The eyes might be the window to the soul, but the ass is the window to the rest of your body. You celebrate sexual diversity and the disintegration of gender roles Too real?

He looks hot in skinny jeans The tighter, the better. You can look and tush! And when you fall flat on your ass, he understands. You have something to grab during a makeout …. Other than his dick. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

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Girld ass

Girld ass

Girld ass

Girld ass.

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Silly girl. She apologizes again for going to the wrong coffee shop the first time. After we order, we sit and wait. I blatantly look her up and down, and she smiles curiously at me. They love to be challenged by cocky assholes, but with every woman on the earth, there is one strategy that reigns supreme — the lover. We get our coffee and go for a walk. Before she can even look at me, I reach over with my right hand, grab a handful and give it a tight little shake.

I bite my lip and groan lightly. Her reaction seems a bit stoic, but considering her resting bitch face, that could mean anything. She smiles and tells me that sounds great. We hold eye contact and then I lean in for a kiss. She immediately leans in, too, and we meet halfway. The kiss is amazing. We finish the cigarette, stand up, lock hands, and then go back to my place. Our date might have lasted twenty minutes? When I asked her when she knew she wanted to fuck me, she said it was when I spoke of my erotic novels and when we kissed.

But I know the vibe that allowed us to segue into those things naturally was really kicked off when I grabbed her ass, because I can tell you Even after smashing, we spent the whole day together. Then, after partying, we had sex in public , and when we finally returned home, I took her anal virginity. It was as if the two were one. Also, if you go to a university that has affirmative consent in its student conduct code, this is enough to get you expelled or suspended if she has it out for you.

They do not care about you. However, when it comes to actual law, you have some more leeway, as long as you are responsible and empathetic. In another age, I was in middle school at a dance. I was with a friend of mine and his girlfriend. Of course, with regards to female companionship, I was alone and too nervous to talk to more than a few girls that I knew.

The buddy, being the kind kid he was, let me dance with his girlfriend and even showed off her ass and grabbed it in front of me. He then let me grab it once. I ended up counting somewhere near Yet, I still see this behavior in grown men, especially at nightclubs — where guys can steal a handful of ass or tits and the girl will turn around, bewildered, and have no idea who, in the sea of people, grabbed her.

Own your actions. You might. Some men can get away with things that other men simply cannot; a girl could welcome a playful squeeze from one man Also, after she slapped me, I simply looked her in the eyes and laughed.

She returned the laugh, so I did it again and she let me. Even if a girl takes my hand away after I grab her rare , she will always laugh and tell me that she respects my aggression.

The rest However, I have to admit that it does pain me to speak so academically about women. Unfortunately, in our age of pseudo-intellect, you need philosophical justifications for everything. And I write these long apologies in the philosophical sense so that you guys have the information to know that what we teach you is not only legal, but defensible if you ever do get morally shamed by someone for your actions has happened to me countless times.

Women are the receptive sex. You penetrate, she receives. And the absolute, most intoxicating way to make a move is to grab her. By making a move for it, you are putting your stake in the ground and declaring yourself a man. I myself do it a lot. If possible, my hand is always on ass. Women love it. They tell me all the time that they wish other men would be as touchy, aggressive, and physically possessive. Once, while working at a club, a cute head of the VIP table was trying to game me.

She was very dominant and bitchy with everyone, except for me. When she came back to her section one time, she had to pass by me, but it was crowded and she got pushed up against me.

She smiled back and then walked away. Finally, while cleaning a mess nearby her, I accused her of being the culprit. It was an obvious joke, but she played along, declaring her innocence. I laughed, told her I was joking and went back to cleaning. Then I heard her say my name, so I looked up and found her in my face.

She then leaned in further and we made out… in front of everyone. So the template for this is to check her out and then verbally admit or suggest that you would or would like to grab her ass. She might smile or even tell you that you can, if you want. If given the latter, obviously do it. Bite your lip and look at her ass as you ask, not her.

Obviously not the kind of asking we mean here. First, compliment her with something like:. Or you can throw her the compliment then tell her to turn around and show it to you. Give it a light tap or take a firm handful. But sometimes a perfect moment just comes along. One night, I was off work at my old club. When I came down the stairs and started dancing in the hallway, I heard a girl yell my name.

I looked over and it was one of our dancers. She was in between dances and was killing time with friends. Of course, being a nightclub dancer, she was practically naked.

Then, at some point, one of her friends complimented her ass, so she turned around to show it off, then said how cold she was. Without even thinking, I reached out and took a handful of tight dancer ass, shook it, and then let go, smiling, along with a purr of satisfaction. The other girls were smiling and the dancer looked at me shocked, mouth agape. As she registered what happened, I smiled. Not even a few minutes later, the dancer turned around again and stuck out her ass. I took another handful of firm but jiggly ass, spent an extra few seconds enjoying her delicious flesh, and then slapped it hard as I let go.

She smiled at me. As you talk to her, put your hand on her waist. Then pull her close to you. Either of these positions are great for establishing a sexual connection. You can have a totally platonic conversation, but with this hold, she knows you mean business.

Then as you talk, hopefully along with a dirty smile, move your hand down to her ass and rest it there. Then, if that goes well, give it a little squeeze. As if you really need a time to grab it. Make your own conclusions about that. I might even pick her up at that point. While Walking Around: This is circumstantially the smartest time to do it, besides when kissing her.

Let her walk in front of you, compliment her ass, and then go for it. As we checked out, she said she wanted to grab some wine.

I agreed and then slapped her on the butt and told her to go grab some wine. I could see her smile think she bit her lip, too as she turned around and excitedly bounced off to get some wine. When she got back, she was all smiles. We hooked up not too long after. With Friends: With girls who are your friends, you should be able to grab their asses anytime. Then own it. That just makes it worse and reinforces her shaming of you. Never be ashamed of your sexuality. Chances are you might read a situation wrong and creep her out.

Girld ass

Girld ass

Girld ass