Mom and i had sex-i had sex with my mom, is it normal? | Is It Normal? |

Ask Your Question today. This isn't true! You should've put this up on "MyFirstTime. In case you are unaware of it, you can now pause live TV. This makes so much sense for an atheist to condone having sex with your adopted mother because of his perverted notion of "getting over what others have taught you".

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

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Continue to external site Go Back. My mom stood Mom and i had sex naked at my bed! Lesbian Tutors 01 4. When it happened first with mom and me I was 14 and she was I couldn't believe Playboy spencer Login or sign up. Step mom seduce beautiful daughter chimicolore1. No sex compares with fucking your own mother. Dad Fucks Daughter. Roll over and go to sleep. Please check back again in the future when you can become a Fan. It could only be mom. I saw her pussy. One moment she stopped and looked at me. Mok Chat.

When writing your story, please use correct spelling and grammar.

  • There is no doubt that my mother was beautiful, she was 41, looked at least 8 or 10 years younger, with almost the same body she had when she was a high school cheer leader.
  • Children's teenage years are supposed to be full of learning and laughter but one man has spoken of the unimaginable abuse he received at the hands of the person he trusted most - his mother.
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  • This is the story how my mom and I had sex the first time.

When writing your story, please use correct spelling and grammar. Please use a capital I rather than a lower i , and use apostrophes correctly. Such as I'm, don't, can't. What does four and four equal? I had just turned sixteen. I was just in my short pants. My mom had been out of work for six months. It did look good for her to be able to go back to work any time soon. Mom was very upset that she had not got me anything for my birthday. I hug my mom and told her it will be good.

As I hug her, she rubs her hand over my back. I stole a kiss from her and told her that the back rub and kiss was be a good birthday gift. Mom said are you sure? I said, maybe a few more kisses will be good. Mom said how about this? She put her hand over my hard penis. Mom said did my kissing cause that.

I said yes mom, it did. Mom said if I wanted to go to her room. I said yes. I said are we going to have sex? My mom said do you want to have sex with a woman with no breast? Mom lost both of them to cancer. I said yes, I would. Mom smile and took off her top as I took my short pant off. Then I took my green boxer off. Mom took her short and green panties off to. There was no hair down there on mom. We laid down on her big bed and kiss each other.

As we kiss I move my hand down to her pussy. Mom said it been sixteen years since she last had sex, so do not hurt me. I said I try not to. With my finger on top of her now wet pussy, I rub over the top of her pussy and around it. With each move mom kiss me harder. I felt moms hand on my hard penis. I pull away from the kiss and got on top of her very ten body. I push my penis into my mom very wet pussy. Mom closed her baby blue eyes I saw tears rolling from them.

I said I hurt you, do you want me to stop? Mom said no keep going. It felt so good and very tight. As I went in and out with my penis, I saw more tears. Mom ask me to please stop for now. I said sure and I pulled my hard penis from my mom sore pussy. Mom ask me to rub it some more. I did what she asks me to.

Mom said it hurt so bad. With my other hand, I rub over the stars where her breasts were once at. Mom said that felt funny. I said what mom. Mom said that you were wanted to touch me there. It had only been six months that she had to have them both remove. I said it is still part of your body. Mom said you rub me there so soft and there still some feeling there. I had not saw mom without a top off before today since her very nice size breasts was remove.

Mom said if it still hard, try it it one more time, but take it slow. This time when I push my penis in to my mom still wet pussy she did not cry. As I when in and out. I put my mouth on mom chest where her breast once was. I lick the lager star and around the star. Mom said as I was cuming in my mom pussy love you son. I said love you to mom. Me and mom had sex once a week to mom die ten years later.

We were having sex when my mom dies. That day was just like every other day we had sex. We woke up and start to kiss each other and then I got on top of my mom and push my penis deep into her still very wet pussy. I felt her body jump and I watch her baby blue eyes roll back in her head. I ask her to wake up as I still was going in and out of her pussy. I stopped and got off of mom. But she was dead. She told me she loves me the night before.

I stood there a few minutes and look over my dead mother naked body and touch her lips with my lips and call for help and got dress. I did not cover my dead mother body with a sheet because she was very pretty laid naked.

I told that me and my mother was having sex and she die. Police took me to jail. They made me out to be a man who raped his mom that morning and mom die from that. After the police read what my mother had wrote they took rape off. But I still spent time in jail for having sex with my mother. And when I tune I got out of jail. My sister let me move in with her. The first night she got in bed with me and we had sex. Write your comment:. Ask GOD for Forgiveness , having a relationship with your mom is forbidden.

Why would u ask your mom for more kisses what a fake story. Leave an anonymous comment Cancel reply Write your comment:.

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Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex

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Me and mom had sex once a week for 10 years | ShareMyLife

Ask Your Question today. This isn't true! You should've put this up on "MyFirstTime. In case you are unaware of it, you can now pause live TV.

This makes so much sense for an atheist to condone having sex with your adopted mother because of his perverted notion of "getting over what others have taught you". This story isn't even true: the whole scenario is rushed to give you the desired "gross" picture so he can see your reaction. The story makes little sense, and there are no details as one would expect from a genuine tale i. The idea of upholding science might make you think you look smarter by trying to throw dirt on religion when you actually mean Christianity , but it doesn't, my friend.

Science supports Christianity. Religion is the crutch of a weak mind that cannot accept the extent of the universe without "Daddy" there to make it better. Science asks the question "How does the universe work?

Christianity asks the question of "Will you please take care of me, a weak and worthless piece of garbage, God the Father in heaven? Love is love, sex is sex, and no religion has the right to impose its views on anyone else. So take your Christianity and stick it up your ass, you mindless fool. All thinking people must define themselves. DO NOT let anyone, or any culture, or any religion do it for you. If you do, you are as complicit in your own mental subservience as they are.

This is perfectly fine. You're both consenting, it's safe between you two. Enjoy oral with her too! Enjoy it as long as you to want! Wish I could join in! Its fine. Just make her as your bride and start a life, make her happy forever. Don't listen too any others, coz everyone have personals, feelings , emotions and love , etc. I don't know if you have a step-father or something but, i'm not even fricking joking just escape with her and have sex all day long, she isn't even your biological mother, so I personally can't say that's incest.

That's why you raised this relic post from the dead?? To comment on the Aunt?? Let dead posts stay dead. I fucked your Mom too and she was delightful. She squuezes my balls a bit just before I cum. I like that. Get her to do it to you.

Okay I'm sorry that you're so confused. You need to realize this is unhealthy. You know that too or else you wouldn't even of had to ask. Not everyone wants counciling for those who don't it's a waste.

Try to do what's right for you-continuing a relationship like this isn't. Ur mum!!! I loved the story. Is it normal? So no, it isn't "normal", but so what? I think a LOT of young guys pre-sexual check out their moms, friends' moms, or older sisters, out of curiosity, or get girly magazines, watch porn, etc. I grew up in an antique house, and all the doors had skeleton-key holes.

I used to 'spy' on my mom, taking a shower, going potty, etc. I too, had adolescent fantasies, about having sex with her. I never did, but if the situation had ever presented itself, I would have, and would probably never have regretted it. In retrospect, I'm a bit jealous of your experience. As the saying goes: "walk a mile in someone's shoes, before you judge them". Neither the guy, nor his mom, did this in a selfish, and demeaning way Oh god my pussy is so wet from reading this.

I wish my mommy would let me fuck her pussy. Keep it a dirty secret between you two. This is a joke, right? You and your mom could go to jail for up to 5 years if you get caught! Defective material. If it keeps you out of someone else's pants good. Use her till she is washed up and turns into a man.

First of all there was no punctuation minus a few commas and the question marks at the end. You should really consider staying in school. Next, I know you're lying about having sex for two to three hours. You know you meant minutes.

What kind of stupid question is this? NO dummy its not normal to have sex with your step mom,but because you're having sex with your "step" mother. There is nothing anyone can really tell you because shes a cougar. Its obvious from the way you wrote this you're immature. I think that would be ok as long as you and your mom feel comfortable with each other.

My question to you is, where is the dad? Is she a single mom? If the dad is still existing, is he knows about this and is he ok with it? You're not blood related, no increased risk of kids with disabilities and even then the increase is small.

If you haven't done so yet why ask if you can make love with her? You never know she might consent to have sex with you. She is your adoptive mother so there is nothing wrong and it will only ruin your relationship if you ignore talking about it I'm being honest here, and while I'm not an all-satient-being, I know what I'm talking about. It's actually what a lot of Freud's work is about if you know it in the least. Not only Oedipus complex, but it touches on many other things. The normal thing to have done what would have been considered healthy is to move away from her and emotionally detach yourself from her.

Just cut the emotional umbilical cord and move out, and you'll see and feel that she's your mother figure. BUT, as she's not your biological mother, I guess that as long as "society" doesn't know you were supposed to be mother and son, they'd be only titilated by the age difference and envy her guts for being with a younger man. I don't think its weired.

To be honesnt. Your both consenting, but the fact she is officially your mother may get int he way. You know that's illegal right? She can go to jail for rape? She is ur mom and it didn't matter if ur adopted ur her son and that's wrong. If she adopted him sure, but if she just married his mother then technically there's nothing illegal about it. Though it isn't Normal. Are You Normal? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Comments 65 Sort: best oldest.

Comment Hidden show. Maybe they paused the movie stupid!!! My mom got me when I was 2 and she was Your mind defines you This is normal okay. I love my aunt's big bouncing boobies too. Oh God thats messed up, shes your aunt bro wtf.

Mom and i had sex

Mom and i had sex