Stocking stuffers for him-22 Best Stocking Stuffers for Men - Small Gift Ideas for Guys

Made from a natural soapstone. When the cold weather comes around, he loves to grow his beard out. Keep his scruff in its best state with the Honest Amish Beard Balm. Made from a natural soapstone, this set of nine cubes chills any drink instantly, while keeping it that way for hours after. A solution to that constant case of the missing keys.

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

I have a lot of fun stuffing his stocking every year with random, cute, Stockibg things. No matter the age of your guy, everyone still has a little kid inside them. Magnetic Fidget Spinner. Plus, the fabric is made with a special lining that protects him from any skimming devices that Stocking stuffers for him be trying to steal his info. Spicier than bourbon, rye whiskey works well in cocktails like the Manhattan. He was so excited! This hand-chosen kit from Huckberry features one Swedish-design freekey, a screw key set made from blackened steela tiny lighter made from series stainless steeland Dejavoo strip club pod in which you'll find 11 other potentially life-saving tools.

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Think he would care if Stoc,ing put his Lex:Beard in there too? These stocking stuffers for Him are so cute and you can add a little gift to your stocking, too when you buy the set! These knitted coffee stuffes will be an instant success with coffee and tea drinkers Stocking stuffers for him Fpr get the Nata russian teen big boobs shaped chocolate they come in different flavors now. If she likes gardening and growing her own produce, make her these DIY garden markers. The Hexbug Stocking stuffers for him is a fascinating robotic toy that moves and behavesjust like a real bug. These finds — for the book loverthe dog dad, and more — might be tiny, but they pack in a lot of wow. These cool lights were very easy to install and looks awesome at night and can be seen from a distance from any angle. This convenient designer compact case holds 15 wipes, and has a mirror inside. So glad you found it helpful.

After nearly 4 years of blogging, I am excited to welcome my husband, Will, as a guest poster here for the first time today!

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  • Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree.
  • I received the following question from frugal friend Jennifer….
  • From an elegant notebook to a high-tech home assistant, here are the best small gifts for the men you care about most.
  • Made from a natural soapstone.

If you thought shopping for gifts for guys was hard, try looking for stocking stuffers. Good ideas are just as difficult to come by, except multiply it by two when you consider the fact that the gifts also have to be small enough to fit inside a stocking and relatively cheap because who wants a nice, expensive present to get lost in a sock full of gag gifts and candy?

If the guy is a real whiskey drinker, he knows it can be even better with a drop of water. This silver whiskey pipette is as sophisticated as his tastebuds. If the man in your life spends way too much time staring at his laptop or phone screen hi, every person alive in , he will thank you endlessly for giving him these blue-light glasses and simultaneously taking away his headaches.

These fancy citrus-scented post-poo drops will make it feel like you live at a spa—and not like you share a bathroom with an animal. For the minimalist guy who likes to keep things simple, this slim leather card case with seven slots has room for all the basics. I once gave this grooming-product sample box to my husband, and he discovered his now-signature cologne from it.

Feeling salty but still gotta get your man a gift anyway? Try this set of 12 sea salts infused with a variety of flavors, like garlic, rosemary, and habanero. You get this bomb sauce that anyone would want to put on everything, obviously. Nothing sucks the fun out of traveling like lost earbuds and tangled cords.

This leather roll keeps all his tech accessories organized and is perfect for anyone who travels. Every tech guy runs into the same issue: not enough plugs for all of his devices.

Good thing this practical charging stand with room for an iPhone, iWatch, and airpods exists to solve all his problems. If your S. Every sneakerhead needs this shoe protector travel kit. Dads would totally nerd-out over this handy multipurpose tool that could fit perfectly in their wallets. It does a whopping 18 different things, from unscrewing a screw, to opening a beer bottle, and even tightening your eyeglasses. Help your dad, brother, grandpa—whoever—keep his in check with nourishing beard oil.

This one uses a blend of squalene, avocado oil, and vitamin E to keep the coarse hairs soft and smelling nice. Whether your guy likes clean-cut hairstyles or just wants a little texture and grit, this versatile pomade will do the trick and the matte finish makes it virtually undetectable. The gift of boxers is boring—unless, of course, they look like this. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Using two points of reinforcement, the phone remains securely in place with a hard plastic grip and a silicone net that slips over each corner of the device. Can someone please tell me where those adorable stocking from the picture are from?! Nothing tempts a child into the bath more than a tub full of fizzing water. In Stock. This fun stocking stuffer is a fun idea for the cyclist in your life who loves to crack open a cold one at the end of a long, hot ride.

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him. What are your stocking stuffer ideas for men?


32 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men (Written by a Man--My Husband!)

After nearly 4 years of blogging, I am excited to welcome my husband, Will, as a guest poster here for the first time today! I hope this post will help give you ideas on what to get your man. It sure helped me! Sometimes we, the men in your life, can be difficult to buy for, especially when it comes to filling the infamous Christmas stocking. Think specifically about the men in your life. Does he play golf or like other sports? Does he enjoy hunting or fishing?

Is he a techie? Include things from his interests. There are always the normal gifts of gift cards, movie tickets, candy, gum, batteries, ammo, homemade coupons, or magazines. And those are ALL great gifts. Even the occasional pair of underwear something fun or socks can do a man good, especially since we very rarely buy those things for ourselves.

Whether in the office or at home a handmade wooden pen can make those mundane tasks more enjoyable or at least make you look classy while doing them. In this age of iPhones and technology, some guys still like to jot things down with a pen and paper.

These mini journals are a great size. Or how about some Aqua Notes for those ideas or thoughts that hit you in the shower. A man can be very hard on this wallet , and it eventually starts to fall apart and will need to be replaced. I keep my wallet in my front pocket, so I prefer a slimmer design or like this one.

Any man likes to chill in his favorite graphic t-shirt , whether it be sports , movies, or childhood memories Nintendo. If your guy regularly listens to music or podcasts, then a set of headphones or bluetooth headset are always a good choice. If you want the men in your life to smell like something other than sweat, then a good manly scented soap from Free Reign Farm or this soap from Lexie Naturals will do the job.

Read my review of their hand-crafted soaps here. Any men in your family have facial hair? If so, Hobo Beard Oil will keep it healthy and tame. A good cap from his favorite sports team or other interest tops things off nicely. Or what about a newsboy cap. Changing skin care products is one of the last things men change when moving toward a more natural lifestyle free of harsh chemicals. You can help with natural skin care like this shaving cream from Pacific Shaving Company or this lip balm from Lexie Naturals.

Many men have started using shaving brushes or shaving soaps like the one from Free Reign Farms as opposed to the traditional creams. A few guys have even gone back to using safety razors and claim they get a closer shave. Then there is always the electric back shaver or baKblade for those hard to reach areas. Dollar Shave Club is definitely worth checking out as well—very good quality for an excellent price.

Some guys are movie buffs, so his favorite guy movie will make a great addition to his DVD library. Some light, fun reading can always be good to de-stress or take his mind off everyday life.

Or something with a little more substance like How God Makes Men is always a good read and is one of my new favorites. Even something to read with his son or daughter will be a hit. I like this carabiner , this knife just be careful in the airport , this globe and the Tardis for Dr. Who fans. I have a small lego superman one. From wall decals to car decals to computer decals , a good sticker can spice up any area of his life.

I get comments about my superman one all the time. And if he wants to have a little more fun, some temporary tattoos could be just the thing for a laugh. If any man in your life is a coffee drinker, the Volcanica Coffee Company has something for him. Like knives, a man can never have too many flashlights for any occasion — something small to keep in the nightstand or a little more flexible for those hard to see spots. If you want him to leave you little notes around the house, he might be more apt to do so if he uses moustache notes.

These are nice too! These mustache bandages or these bacon bandages would solve that problem. An Yeti or Rtic 30 oz. Tumbler add handle or straws , a Manteen , a Tervis tumbler or a personalized glass are great for cold or hot beverages. Which is your man? Anything for the man cave — a sign, sports memorabilia, etc.

For the techie in your life, perhaps something practical would be useful. How about a portable charger to keep his devices charged on the the go. Or a Boogie Board to jot down lists or notes. Does anyone like to travel? This travel map is a great way to mark the countries that have been visited.

Or use this leather passport cover for important documents. How about this travel case if he has a celebratory cigar on occasion?

There are many useful tools , like this magnetic wristband or a stud finder , that fit nicely into a stocking. A good screwdriver or stubby hammer will also be a good fit for his stocking. Or even some camping tools like this waterproof match kit or even a Zippo or butane lighter to start a fire. Then, there are tools for hunting like a duck call or a deer grunt or hand warmersfeet or camp for the face.

Then there are the tools to open your bottles, like this Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener. Any musicians in your life? Some classy musical gadgets or fun tools could be needed. Even an item like these drumstick pens would be awesome. Is your man always breaking his sunglasses? He may need some new ones or just an extra pair to keep around. Or this clip to help him keep up with his sunglasses. Our Christmas tree includes ornaments from memorable moments in our marriage, our interests, our travels, etc.

Give him an ornament for the tree that marks an important event or showcases his sports team or shows his interests. Another practical idea is batteries.

Batteries and magazines are good idea. I added those to the intro paragraph. Hope the list helped a little. From Will. Thank you for the ideas! My husband recently started growing a beard, so I decided to try the hobo oil, wash and balm. I think he will appreciate it a lot.

I am not usually supportive of his beard. He will love that I found a way to support it! The bread cream from Lexie and the Hobo Oil are great. I just them on my beard and goatee all the time.

I even use Lex: Beard on my skin as well. Thanks for all of the terrific manly ideas! My husband is totally there with you on the beard care supplies. And, might I add — tattoo moisturizer. Thanks Kelly! Thanks so much for the love, Will!

All the items on this list are awesome. So far Stephen has hair bands in his stocking bag… haha. Think he would care if I put his Lex:Beard in there too? I did see some really cool ones on etsy wooden ones and engraved ones. Thank you for giving me ideas because I was honestly going to go with just socks! I love the bacon bandages too!

This was very helpful. Great list, awesome ideas. With 5 socks to fill.. No way… I think ill stick to scratch off lottery tickets, travel toothpaste and socks!!!

Stocking stuffers for him

Stocking stuffers for him