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Many of the differences between American and British English date back to a time when spelling standards had not yet developed. For instance, some spellings seen as "American" today were once commonly used in Britain and some spellings seen as "British" were once commonly used in the United States. A "British standard" began to emerge following the publication of Samuel Johnson 's A Dictionary of the English Language , and an "American standard" started following the work of Noah Webster and in particular his An American Dictionary of the English Language , first published in Webster's efforts at spelling reform were somewhat effective in his native country, resulting in certain well-known patterns of spelling differences between the American and British varieties of English. However, English-language spelling reform has rarely been adopted otherwise, and so modern English orthography varies somewhat between countries and is far from phonemic in any country.

Lesbian spelled with a z

Lesbian spelled with a z

Lesbian spelled with a z

Lesbian spelled with a z

You have to understand, that Germany is a powderkeg right now. New York: A. You need to login in order to like this post: click here Levis can be a little offensive, though. While not a lesbian herself, Lencha Velasco was best known for her portrayal of La India Maria, where she played a stereotypical indigenous woman who had a filthy mouth and Lsbian of sass. In Old English sources, the word man was neuter. T2P Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Yeah, me too.

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It is now the standard accepted term throughout the English-speaking world.

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The idea behind it is that if you are a hitchhiker across many galaxies you can stick one in your ear you are able to understand anything said to you in any language. You know, science. It took me a long time to verify that the following terms were actually used as casual slang, but the lines get a little blurred when I started to consider how words sometimes especially reclaimed and empowered slang evolve from oppressive language and slurs.

No words included in this guide are intended to hurt, trigger or insult anyone, but are more a study about how far we, as a community, have come. Also, from what I can gather, trans and bi are both widely understood terms nowadays, but if you have any other turns of phrase from your queer corner of the Earth, leave them in the comments! Definition: Yup, this gem literally translates to Adams Daughter.

As in the Addams Family. Incidentally, the german for butch is simply, butsch. Makes sense, since parts of English are clearly rooted in Germanic. The origin of this word is easy to determine, and the crassness of the meaning can be misinterpreted easily.

Context is so very important in language and turn of phrase, as we all know, so we should probably be careful about how we use this one. Definition: A jubelhure is a lesbian who is no stranger to a good party.

Saucy father. The kesser vater has a long underground history of awesome dapper women and is used pretty widely in Germany today. They owned their masculine swagger, their gait, and carved out a place for themselves in the queer community. The movement dropped out of the public eye, and then reemerged sometime in the mid 50s — where mentions of it started appearing in underground newspapers. Now, the term and can be found throughout numerous publications without significant explanation, or even abbreviated as KV, signaling the cultural understanding of the expression.

Definition: Giro literally means circle or round. In its slang form it means a place be it a bar, club, hotel etc. Definition: In formal Italian, describing someone as sgallettata implies that they are vibrant and bold. It can also be used to describe genderqueer people. Notice that a lot of these words are derived from women taking on roles previously only held by men, and they are initially used to ridicule or belittle anyone who chooses to live outside heteronormativity.

Originally intended for homosexuals in general, at the turn of the century, it was a vulgar way of calling someone queer. Careful around this one. While not a lesbian herself, Lencha Velasco was best known for her portrayal of La India Maria, where she played a stereotypical indigenous woman who had a filthy mouth and tons of sass.

Today, lencha is very commonplace, very neutral and used all across Mexico. The term is a very uncreative derivation of lesbiana and the last time I heard this was a couple of months ago, when my cousin was trying to explain to my grandma that the two women holding hands in the plaza were probably together romantically.

The term appears in manga, anime and other japanese literature, but the precise origin is unknown. Researching this article, I came across pages and pages of slurs, insults and words rooted in hate and fear. It took me days and days to sift through piles of what-people-meant-to-says and you-have-to-understands. I finally came across words that communities had lifted from the mud, dusted off, polished up and presented to ourselves again with new meaning.

It sort of felt like someone buying a gift for themselves just for the satisfaction of unwrapping it. Anyone who grew up gay, or queer, or just different can tell you that society can be a jumble and a tumble of of insults and euphemisms, and people trying to make themselves feel better by making someone else feel worse.

We tell ourselves that the words intended to harm us say more about the person saying them than whomever they are trying to put down. But, now I know that words are small time machines that take us across societies and time periods and fill in the gaps of who we were back then and how far we have come.

For me, it was hard to separate the hatred rooted in some of these words, until I realized that by taking them back an entire community could move forward. Isabel is a Mexico City native and current Brooklyn dweller, stands about 5-feet tall and gets really mad when her girlfriend stores the olive oil on a high shelf. She's a documentary filmmaker by day and expert quesadilla architect by night. She's a mediocre bowler. You need to login in order to like this post: click here.

I live in Germany and most of the terms I have never heard of, some are plain outdated like kind of outdated-lol- kesser Vater is something my grandmother would have said and some are just plain rude foulmouthed language like a construction worker would use it but I have never heard a lesbian talk like that.

I second that. Never heard any of those except kesser vater, and that is like, what my grandma would have said 20 years ago.

Do NOT use the jubelhure, hure is a very, very offensive, derogatory term for sex worker. Thank you, I just wanted to say the same. The others simply sound made up to me, they are funny but actually not used in language. I really like the idea of writing about lesbian slang terms used all over the world! Depending on the person who used it, even downright hateful. Only exception is butch. Ones that ARE used in germany, are mostly borrowed from english, like butch, femme or dyke.

I presume that is, because the vast majority of positive portrayal of lesbians in the local media are mostly from the US e.

Most of the time it is used as a slur, but some decide to reclaim it and use it as a positive self-identifier. That is the kind of woman, who always knew since kindergarten that she is attracted to women only. Only that instead of diving for a clam you dive down for a freacking pearl. And Pearls are beautiful. Sandbox Lesbian is so much better than gold star Lesbian! I could see how sandbox Lesbian could be interpreted wrong though.

Amazing, thanks for sharing! Terms that are found mainly in anime or manga are often found only in those mediums, and never used irl. You can see most words are just English words modified to fit Japanese pronunciation.

Like, heteronormative much? Did these terms somehow make their way to the US a couple of decades ago and kind of just stayed that way? First of all, great job Isabel ;-. Must have taken you quite a bit of time to find all these terms! I am so curious about how it developed different contexts in different places. The rest of those slang words would likely just get you an eyeroll and a sigh.

Both are derived from the Icelandic word for lesbian. This also reminds me of a funny story. I did not know there was an Italian autostraddle equivalent until the very moment and my day has just been made. Grazie mille, Isabel! Thank you very much for the replies. Like others pointed out about German, these words sound outdated.

Sure, maybe in the North…lol. Levis can be a little offensive, though. Also, I would say for English speakers the phonetic pronunciation of levis is probably more like le — vees, since the i in vice makes quite a different sound.

Maybe one to avoid? It literally means whore. I get looks. Kesser Vater was the classy butch woman of the eighties, but is wildly outdated. Do NOT ever use any of these in Germany! I laughed so hard at this. I need these on a tote bag. I love that word. Im Filipino and I think most of our terms are more for gay men but because people love wordplay we sometimes use them for lesbians too. Like my fellow Germans, I urge you to not use any of those words mentioned above.

Also, I never heard any of them in reference to lesbianism. Yeah, I was going to ask, how was this fact-checked and researched?

Yep, a quick shout-out on Twitter or similar would have definitely stopped some of these howlers going through! Yeah, me too. I went to Europe and took pictures! Also, shit is hitting the fan right now in Germany over racism vs. Personally, I would love a featurette of gay bars or monuments or places, or even recipes, from around the world, told by locals. It would make the world feel a little smaller, closer knit, and less alien. Victims, silence yourselves! Close the border now against these violent men who rape our woomen!

I need think pieces that actually discuss the issues how was this organised? Why now? How does rape culture contribute to the discourse we hear today? What IS rape culture in Germany like?

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Lesbian spelled with a z

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Lesbian | Definition of Lesbian by Merriam-Webster

Top definition. Grrl unknown. A girl with plenty of Grrrrrrrrrr!! A womyn with attitude, often a feminist and involved in music scenes Riot Grrl. That Abi , she's one rad Grrl! An alteration to the word "girl.

Most notably, lesbian and bisexual girls have adopted this spelling to describe themselves as an outcast or different type of the typical "girl. N: " Oh , you're such a grrl! An altnerative spelling for the word girl acquired by doubling the letter "r" while simultaneously subtracting both the letter "i" and any possibility of intelligence.

Originally intended to convey a grrwling tigrr-like attitude, but has instead come to signal to listeners that spending further time in conversation with any self-described grrl will almost certainly result in an unfortunate dearth of intellectual stimulation. Also, if you fuck a grrl, don't forget to use a rubbrr.

I'm a grrl, hear me rroarr! A way of spelling "girl". Unfortunately, they are all eventually subjected to natural selection.

Girl A: You go, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! Girl B; Yeah, you know it! Guy A Dolemite Tampa Prep T2P Bungles Yandhi Dutch wife National give ur smallest friend a hug day

Lesbian spelled with a z