Nasty facts-26 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

What if we told you the place you spend approximately one-third of your life is crawling with germs, bacteria and dust mites? Yuck, is right. Sadly, some of the nastiness is pretty unavoidable, but that doesn't mean a little cleaning can't hurt. These are the dirty truths about your nighttime sanctuary and how to try to rid them from your room even if only temporarily. If this fact gives you the heebie-jeebies, we have some good news: Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lap at the Good Housekeeping Institute , says throwing your bedding back when you get up in the morning to allow some moisture to evaporate and to air everything out might cut down on this count.

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Featured Article. The spray from a sneeze can travel up to 30 to 60 miles an hour and fly up to 30 feet in the air. Nasty facts people have seen images of hippos enjoying a mud bath. There are over corpses of climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest. Believe it or not, every fact has a distinctive personality that evokes a Nasty facts kind of emotion.

Silver surfer kicking ass. 1. The squid which squirms while you eat it

Watch this video on YouTube 6. Let us look behind the curtain…be forewarned that some of this stuff is truly nasty. The same amount of peanut butter can have no more Nasty facts 30 "insect fragments". Is there anything that could Nasty facts more embarrassing? Looking for a fresher mouth? The sludge was commonly used, and FDA approvedas a vanilla, raspberry, and Nasty facts flavouring substitute. What you know about fast food is probably bad enough. You've probably tasted beaver ass. There are over corpses of climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest. Queen Isabella of Castile proudly claimed to have bathed only twice in her entire life! And their eggs? Some The sexiest women world vomit at this level of sugar. If they encounter a nest, they mark it to attract other giant hornets. Max Pixel.

Remember that kid in elementary school who would do anything for a laugh?

  • Let us look behind the curtain…be forewarned that some of this stuff is truly nasty.
  • Remember that kid in elementary school who would do anything for a laugh?
  • You've probably tasted beaver ass.
  • .

Believe it or not, every fact has a distinctive personality that evokes a certain kind of emotion. Now think how it feels when you look at a tissue after blowing your nose into it.

It makes you barf, right? We're bringing this exact feeling with 30 universally gross facts that are plain disgusting. Many of us love drinks for sure but then this one is surely exceeding the boundaries of weird and yucky stuff.

All you have to do is choose a drink of your choice and garnish it with a toe-nail preserved in salt. Well yes, you read that right! Candy lovers, a heartbreaking moment for you because this colored, shiny stuff comes at a cost. The fragrance is quite powerful and really expensive as well.

But do know what do you pay for exactly? Well, moment of truth, this highly regarded perfume is obtained from a gland located near the deer's penis. All they do is drop baby mice in the rice wine and leave it for the process of fermentation. Well yes, agreed that the love of a mother for her child is unconditional but then this is just too much. Fruit Bat is boiled, chopped and made in coconut milk with some vegetables.

The next time you see your hands reaching out to the coffee machine, remember this fact. Mucus sounds gross, and the fact that we intake so much of it is even hard to digest. But then this sticky substance is important as it protects and lines your tissues. Another interesting fact is that they live on rotten flesh, actually, they ''prefer'' living on rotten flesh. This creature is blind, toothless and feasts on dead flesh.

They enter the carcasses and eat the corpse from the inside out. The banana slug can grow up to six to eight inches in length and their erected penis can also grow up to the same length. This is the truth behind all the sophisticated words like essential oils, natural flavoring etc. It is obtained from a gland that is found between the anus and the external genitals of beavers. So, ancient Roman people found this unique way of brushing teeth. Most of the food items have insects in them and we savor those items without this fact in our knowledge.

Since this thing is out of our control, FDA has allowed a particular consumption because without it probably you'll have to quit a ton of things from your pantry. This is how the mechanism of your sense of smell works. Biologists from the University of Colorado conducted research on this topic and came up with a revelation that the air which you inhale comes from the skin of the heads, heels, armpits, bellybuttons, ears etc. In those grams of broccoli, you can get 60 aphids, thrips or mites as well.

Ready for some delicious salad with broccoli flowers tossed in with some aphids and served beautifully with some mites as the garnishing? Do we hear another WTF from you? I know that but all I am doing is bringing the truth in front of your eyes. So, along with that hamburger and ketchup, you also shove some hairs in your mouth.

And god knows, how infected those hair strands are! Everything from dandruff to lice is coming to my mind right now. I am highly dubious about the healing properties of this wine 'cause more than getting cure I see a death bed! This basically is rice wine with a cobra in it.

Yes, the snake is venomous but the rice liquor dilutes the poison making it inactive. Seafood lovers can take their love for seafood a notch higher with this dish.

The sea urchins are called uni and Japan is the largest consumer of this urchin dish. I know the name suggests a ton of things but then what you should know what actually goes into the making of this drink. What is your earwax type? Dry, flaky or Wet? If you're thinking that you'll be served with some grass and sticks then no this not what is served in this soup. These snow-white creatures have a very horrifying way of killing boredom.

When they are in captivity they entertain themselves by visiting their fellow ducks, murdering and eating them. The only way to stop a duck from cannibalizing is by breaking the beak of the duck so that there's no way they can practice it. C'mon what's the big deal?

Corn smut is a fungal disease and in some places, people love to see it on their plates as a delicacy. This makes me want to puke right away! But then seems like the Japanese just love this dish too much because according to them the taste is just like that of an octopus or squid.

This seems like a defense mechanism coming straight out from a horror movie. This lizard squirts blood out of its eyes when it is frightened or feels threatened. Shirako is actually the sperm sac and of a fish now that's called yuck!

It is then dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. We are using your cookies for better user experience We are using your cookies for better user experience.

Choose your world! Creepy History Entertainment Science Culture. Stella Millar 04 Mar, Experience yourself making all sort of faces. The squid which squirms while you eat it. An early form of contraception included using Beaver's testicles. The human toe cocktail. FDA allows a rodent hair per grams peanut-butter. Jelly beans get this shine from shellac which is made with insect poop.

The Musk scent is obtained from a gland located near a deer's penis. Rice Wine with baby mice anyone? Inuit mothers suck the mucus out of their baby's nose from their mouth. This mouth-watering soup is called Bat-Soup. On an average a human produces 1. Vultures pee on their legs to cool down their temperature. A hagfish can project up to 17 pints of mucus at its attacker as a defense.

Banana slug's penis grows out of its head. Natural flavoring substitutes come from a gland which is located right next to a beaver's anus. Your feet have , sweat glands and they excrete half a pint of sweat every day. Would you do so?

Ancient Roman people used crushed brains of mice as a toothpaste. The FDA allows the consumption of only one or two pounds of flies, maggots and other insects. Smelling is caused because of other things' molecules sticking on the inside of your nose.

Your frozen broccoli has as many as 60 or more mites per grams. The strangest plant on earth? The fresh ginger that you hunt down contains mammalian excreta. A fast food consumer eats 12 public hair per year. Germs present in human feces can pass through ten layers of toilet paper.

People of Vietnam drink this snake wine as a medicine. If our immune system vanishes off, the bacteria in our gut would eat us in 48 hours. Even scarier is the fact that they eat the human body from the inside out! How many up for this one? This is a dish made of sea urchins' gonads. A mattress gets heavier after 10 years because of accumulation of dust mites. People with wet earwax tend to have a more unpleasant body odor. Some frogs make their homes out of elephant dung.

How about some toast and palolo worms for breakfast? A soup made out of bird's nest. Ducks kill boredom by turning into cannibals. A jar full of wasp crackers.

It'll be double crunchy now. Scorpions die of constipation, once they shed their tails. A corn delicacy which is actually a fungal disease.

Another set of doctors removed a pound hairball from a woman. Our editors are instructed to fact check thoroughly, including finding at least three references for each fact. First, there was the scandalous womanizing of… Christine Tran Sep 27, But even grosser is what they will do to honeybees. For defense, they rely on mucus: when attacked, they can project up to 17 pints of it at their attacker. We want our readers to trust us. But I didn't have much time.

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts

Nasty facts. 25. Salt Water Takes 10 Minutes To Drown You


42 Disgusting But Interesting Facts

Mark Oliver. Nature, brimming with life in all of its vibrancy and wonders, can be pretty gross. To those fruit flies, you were a bigger buzzkill than you realized.

You broke up their orgy. Two fruit flies, who only live for 40 days, will make love for an impressive 20 minutes. With their biology, the last male she sleeps with is going to be the one who gets her pregnant , so they actually have these orgies to test out different lovers before settling on a baby daddy. Have you ever petted a bird?

Have you ever stroked your finger down its back and had it cuddle up to you? That was foreplay. Most birds treat a stroke from the head down to the back as the start of a mating ritual. Today, a sprinkle of beaver anus is a delicacy reserved for the finest of luxury brands. The ornate narrow-mouthed frog is a tiny animal, only 2. Elephant dung, as it turns out, makes a great home so long as you can handle the smell.

When male proboscis monkeys are mad at you, they let you know. Every moment of every day, proboscis monkeys are sporting a stiffy. When they get angry , though, they make sure you see it. When they think a fight is about to go down, they might hold off on snarling until things get really dangerous. Falcon breeders tend to take a slightly stranger approach to getting a new brood of babies in their home. When it feels threatened, the greater short-horned lizard has a defense mechanism straight out of a horror story.

It fights back by shooting blood out of its eye sockets—and the blood goes a good distance, too. These things can splatter their enemies with gore from 1. The reptiles have muscles that can cut off the blood flow in the veins around their eyes and redirect it so that the blood goes shooting out like a water gun.

This sounds like a suicide move, but for reasons nobody fully understands, they can pretty much shoot blood out of their eyes all day without getting tired. They squirt blood out for everything, too. Then, you just kind of spend the rest of the day going around with poop on your feet and not doing anything about it.

And this is actually a common enough problem that you can buy beak-trimming machines, custom-made for the specific purpose of stopping the all-duck Donner Party reenactment from going on in your backyard.

When scorpions get caught by their stingers, they can still get away. They will writhe and wiggle until their tails fall off. The severed stinger will keep trying to pierce the attacker, keeping it busy while the scorpion gets away. That all sounds like a supercool and practical defense mechanism—as long as you stop reading right here. The scorpions are constipated for the rest of their lives. The scorpions can spend eight months in agony before they finally get to die.

When they get clogged up, the raw pressure of the excreta in their bodies gets so intense that another part of their tail blows off, and then they start filling up again. When every section of their tails have exploded in a disgusting mess, the scorpion will clog up one last time and explode, experiencing one of the most painful deaths imaginable.

Finally, after eight months of agonizing pain, the scorpion will die—because it is literally too full of crap to live. Mark Oliver is a regular contributor to Listverse. His website is regularly updated with everything he writes. Read More: Wordpress. All Categories. Photo credit: L. Mark Oliver Mark Oliver is a regular contributor to Listverse. More Great Lists.

Nasty facts

Nasty facts