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Your doggie daycare facility should provide a quiet area for rest, as well as plenty of opportunity for play.. W hen owners opt to enroll their canine companions in a doggie daycare center, they expect their dogs to be provided the best of care in a safe, stimulating environment. A well-designed daycare center provides ample space for play, quiet areas for relaxation and a range of facilities to engage even the most hard-to-please canine. A spacious center that is clean, airy and bright, without appearing too sterile or impersonal, will appeal to the most discerning dog owner and her pet. Plan the layout of your center.

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans

After many months of waiting we are finally starting our new journey to rebuild the kennel facility. Instead, we have dug trenches to the existing electrical light pole from which we received service in the past. Instead, Doggy daycare and floor plans inspector asks for a "new drawing. Being that the fence posts will be embedded in cement. The electrical is all finished outside of receiving the 2 light poles in the parking lot area. The kennel canopy should Licence for pleasure boats in September. The manual is a printable and usable copy of all the information that is available on the site. The kennel area will be made of color-coated, stained concrete sloped for easy cleaning and drainage. So we now have both water and phone connections to the building. The identification of the locations had to be exact and one can see the forms and string lines crisscrossing the piers.

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Thank you. Dog Daycare Design. Dog in a Daycare environment are generally very active throughout the day in the form of running, wrestling etc. For example, if you are very short on funds but want to follow this dream, you could even start out by offering pet sitting services, dog walking services or mobile dog grooming services that do Hongkong sexy actress nude require a brick-and-mortar storefront or the overhead that comes with it. In addition, we will also offer special discounted rates to all our loyal clients at regular intervals. Dogs love to run, roll and play on grass, and most dogs are accustomed to using grass areas as their primary place to relieve themselves. Login or register to post comments. Our daycare facilities will also be of world class standard and the services we offer our customers will be of excellent quality. It will enable them to be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our business aims and objectives. You could also include eco-friendly Doggy daycare and floor plans gear, such as Doggy daycare and floor plans, collars and toys, or organic pet foods and treats. The other bonus is that it is relatively inexpensive with a cost of around. As a new doggie day care center and pet related services company in Smethport — Pennsylvania, it might take some time for our organization to break into the market and gain acceptance especially from top profile clients in the already saturated Pet Grooming and Boarding industry; that is perhaps our major weakness. This is one area in which rubberized flooring provides the greatest benefit to you K-9 customers, by absorbing the shock to the joints of repetitive jumping and romping around.

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  • If you love dogs and want to earn a living while providing a valuable service to dogs and their owners, running a dog daycare center may be your answer.
  • Are you about starting a doggie daycare business?
  • When selecting the materials to use for the floor there are two main areas that you need to be concerned with the play area and the customer area.

In April, , our plans where approved by the city of Santa Clara. Our new facility has been meticulously designed to insure the finest care for your furry friend. Here is our floor plan design PDF. After many months of waiting we are finally starting our new journey to rebuild the kennel facility. The first step is to demolish the existing structure. See the pictures. There were at least 7 truckloads of new dirt brought in, plus several truck loads of base rock.

The new soil was placed in the kennel area and then leveled off in preparation for the pier hole digging. If you were to look at the site today you would think that a giant gopher dug it all up. That is what it looks like. The holes are now dug and will be backfilled with rock, as well as re-bar. The cement was poured into all the Pier Holes - 16 to be exact.

The identification of the locations had to be exact. The footing of the canopies will be bolted on top of these piers. T he underground trenches where dug, and the underground plumbing was placed. And one can now see what the building footprint looks like. Foundation is being poured. Yesterday the canopy for the kennel cover came. Amazingly the cover fit like a glove. The posts were mounted onto the piers and each post and location fit perfectly. October, The framing walls start going up.

A Pet Villa is starting to take shape. The framing is complete. The building looks very nice now and one can see or imagine what the finished kennel will be like. By now the dog canopy is on and is fairly visible from this angle. Looks empty without the dog runs underneath it. They dug a fairly deep trench, brought the line out to the building and did so efficiently.

We Installed the high quality dog suites from the Mason Company. They are very beautiful with very nice FRP sides. Here are some photos of the roof. It looks like snow.

Very bright and reflective. This roof will keep our place cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The masonry work for the trash enclosure has begun.

I call this the very expensive enclosure as it includes building a cement pad with rebar, masonry work and steel doors that are custom made. The Sheet rock work has begun. The place is starting to take some form. Digging the water and electrical connections has begun. The catch basin is designed to hold all the water run off from both the building and the kennel canopy. All the water is piped into the catch basin which then sends the water to sump pumps which will pump out of the property area.

Excess water from the building runoff will be flowing into this basin. A sump pump will be pumping it out. The City wanted a backup sump pump, and so made us put two in there. An updated shot of the building after the stucco was complete. The white coloring on the stucco makes the building look very bright.

The painting began with earnest. First the gold color highlight went on. Then came the light brown.

The bright white building now took on the final paint colors. Today the parking lot got striped. The parking lot now looks official, with its designated parking slots. I think I will be the first one to try out all the slots available. I haven't allowed anybody to drive on it, even though it has been over 24 hours!!. We will be keeping you informed through our web site and updates will be left on our phone message system. Please bear with us during our construction, as we understand the difficulties involved in finding alternative care for your pets.

The kennel area will be made of color-coated, stained concrete sloped for easy cleaning and drainage. The foam roof will keep the place cool in the summer and trap heat in the winter. It will feature ceiling fans, skylights, plenty of light and video cameras over each run. We will also have a separate play yard for our furry friends to romp around and stretch their legs. The room will be turned into a training facility at night and we will be offering puppy and beginning obedience classes.

This feature will also allow us to do in-house obedience training for those who want a little more for their beloved pets. We will also have a small area for them to stretch out on climbing posts and scratchers. For your pet's grooming needs we will have an up-to-date grooming facility complete with a dog shower area as well as bathing tub. With two grooming tables we will be able to accommodate more dogs.

As before, we will have a live-in manager on premises. We fought hard for many months with City officials to get this approval.

Our new security camera will allow us to monitor all of the dogs from the front office, without disturbing the others day and night. While we are closed we will be offering Pet Sitting and grooming services only to current customers if their location is suitable.

Please call for more information and details. We know you will be as excited as we are when we ready to open our doors. It was our hope to be up and running by this time.

Unfortunately that is not the case. To get the kennel back up and built has been one of the most difficult tasks we have ever undertaken. We submitted our full set of Plans in January and only received our Building Permit with some open items still at the end of May.

We were shuffled from one branch to another, from one building official to another. Each official not working in par with the other. In most cases we had to escalate our project to higher management.

This happened in both Public Works and in Engineering. One department kicked back our plans saying they were incomplete; which was not the case. We made a few modifications and resubmitted. It was — adding a ceiling vent in the cattery. The other 5 points were a result of the City Engineer not reading the plans completely. While we were getting our building permit, we submitted our building plans to three qualified, reputable, local contractors.

In the middle of March we got our bids back. Lo and behold the quotes were coming in at 3x our expected budget. These numbers were unacceptable. We had to revisit our plans and redo the kennel structure, argue with the City re: improvements we felt we did not need, and had to reconfigure our site drainage.

This too, caused more delays with architectural revisions, new submissions and new reviews. More money spent. More delays. More frustration. After narrowing down our building quotes, we picked one Contractor in March to work with.

When we came back to him in May, with our building permit in hand, he made sure to avoid us by not returning phone calls and pretending to be out of town. Instead of telling us beforehand, that he was no longer interested, he played the avoidance game. We frantically looked for new contractors and found that all were now busy with the height of the building season.

Through contacts and perseverance we did find a General Contractor who will manage our job for us and we will be doing a Design-Build.

Basically, it means that we will be playing a large part in the overall construction. To move things along, we took care of the demolition on our own.

The advantage to this setup in such a small space is that you are not solely dependent upon Daycare as your primary revenue source and have grooming to supplement your income. While the lower cost of installation for concrete might appeal to start-ups working with a tight budget, this choice can lead to additional costs and headaches down the line. Available At:. It also provides you with the ability to show customers the entire facility quickly by utilizing the one main hall. I would recommend only using this in the play areas as there are other affordable products with a less industrial appearance that are more suitable for your office and customer areas.

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans

Doggy daycare and floor plans. Free Fertilizer for Flowerbeds + Vegetable Gardens + Natural Lawns {PRO Guide}


How to Design a Doggie Daycare | Daily Puppy

When you begin your quest to open a Dog Daycare, one of the first questions that you will have is how to design it so that it is both aesthetically appealing as well as functional for Day to Day Operations. There has to be a balance between the two, to meet your customers expectations of appearance as well as handle the abuse that dogs can place upon a facility. To pretty and it will not be able to stand up to the rigors of day to day operations and you will find yourself spending more than is necessary in maintenance and upkeep, to geared toward function and it will fail to impress your customers and leave them with the impression that your Dog Daycare is both low budget and unprofessional.

To assist you we have provided on this page a sampling of various designs as well as a brief narrative to accompany each one which will hopefully get you started on a path towards success.

This does not include utility deposits, security deposits for rent or other miscellaneous expenses associated with opening a business and moving into a commercial location. The benefits to this particular design is that it is functional in that it provides you with the ability to produce income from three sources, Dog Daycare, Grooming and Boarding, while also providing easy maneuverability throughout the facility while handling dogs as well as it is an aesthetically appealing layout.

This design allows you to converse with customers in the lobby while insulating them from the noise that 40 or so dogs may produce.

It also provides you with the ability to show customers the entire facility quickly by utilizing the one main hall. The other nice advantage that this facility provides is that you can close off the space in front of the boarding area and use that as a temperament testing area. This design is intended to make maximum use of the space provided while offering numerous ways to generate income. This is a good example of the type of facility that you would need if you plan to Start A Dog Daycare in a shopping strip center.

These units are generally fairly standard as far as size and are almost always deeper than they are wide. In this particular design the customers will enter the store and immediately be into your lobby and small retail area, this design although effective requires you and your staff to always be on your toes as there is no buffer zone between the customers entering and viewing the dogs in the play area. The advantage to this setup in such a small space is that you are not solely dependent upon Daycare as your primary revenue source and have grooming to supplement your income.

This is the exact same size as the previous facility without Grooming, as you will see we placed the office and reception window on the other side of the space and switched the little dog play area and big dog play area around to make use of the extra space since grooming has been omitted.

Instant download upon checkout. All products are available for instant download upon checkout. No products are shipped or otherwise available in hardcopy or paperback form. Hello, I am interested in purchasing your manual. Does the manual include listing of products and vendors or is that just available with the consultation?

The manual is a printable and usable copy of all the information that is available on the site. Yes it does provide vendor distributor information. As you failed to provide an email address or create a user profile, I have no way of contacting you.

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Doggy daycare and floor plans