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Brazilian and German scientists have completed a collaborative project to sequence and analyze the whole genome of Arapaima gigas , a giant freshwater fish known in Brazil as pirarucu and elsewhere as arapaima or paiche. Its growth rate is the fastest among known freshwater fish species. Its natural distribution covers most of the Amazon River basin in Peru and Brazil. The research led to discoveries that help determine sex at an early stage, facilitating the separation of female and male fry for sex-specific breeding and sale. It also paves the way for further studies relating to genetic improvement of the species.

Fish sex story

Fish sex story

Fish sex story

Fish sex story

His rock hard massive cock was resting on my stomach his heavy balls Fish sex story between my thighs and moving up and down with his panting rubbing against my outer pussy lips which by then were almost begging for IT, ANYTHING. I did my best to drown him without succeeding. Forgot Password Registration. That hot breath and rough tongue ARE on my ass and as I was coming Puerto rican supermodels of a deep sleep I felt all the muscles in my body were like lumps of concrete, very heavy and hard to move. So far fish farmers Fish sex story been trained in quality fingerling production.

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Gerald was and old friend that I first got to know in the ninth or tenth grade, though I had known his older brother in elementary school, and they lived only a half block away.

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Posted By: Admin. Royd Mukonda, a university graduate of aquaculture in Zambia is today living a life he hitherto thought, only existed in his dreams. When he left his full-time job in a luxurious firm to set up a farm in Kabwe, Central part of Zambia, many thought he would live to regret the decision.

Being the only child who managed to complete tertiary education in a family of eight, the criticism that greeted his decision came from both family and friends. Many later distanced themselves from him because of the decision to stop working for the firm and start a new life which has never been lived by any graduate in his field. Despite having little capital to run the project, Mukonda went on and started fish farming. He named his farm Mukasa Agrosolutions Ltd. He developed a simple hatchery for breeding tilapia and supply sex reversed fingerlings to the fish farmers.

Upon completion of his studies with a BSc in Aquaculture, Mukonda realised that aquaculture carries the prospects of generating more employment and contribute to the economic status of Zambia.

The programme increases agricultural productivity through the deployment of proven and high-performance agricultural technologies at scale along selected value chains. To Mukonda, the TAAT training was an answered prayer as it came at a time he was having challenges in breeding catfish and tilapia as well as accessing water quality parameters which are not found in Zambia. The training provided an opportunity for him to interact with experts in tilapia breeding from WorldFish.

He later bought several gadgets to use in meeting my targets back home. Being a Training of Trainers, Mukonda got the concept of mono-sex tilapia fingerlings production. To further address the problem of non-availability of quality mono sex tilapia fingerling, the TAAT Aquaculture Compact supported the young fish farmer with improved brood stock to help him achieve massive mono sex fingerling production. So far fish farmers have been trained in quality fingerling production.

According to Mukonda, his engagement with TAAT has contributed massively to increased technical expertise in breeding and general management of aquaculture enterprise. In addition, Mukasa Farm is now the centre for quality fingerlings, demonstration and training centre for TAAT, and a partner with Ministry of fisheries and Livestock.

The farm requires funding to explore catfish breeding which is non-existent in Zambia as well as the cage culture facility. Your email address will not be published. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Get social with us! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies OK.

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Fish sex story

Fish sex story

Fish sex story

Fish sex story

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Gerald was and old friend that I first got to know in the ninth or tenth grade, though I had known his older brother in elementary school, and they lived only a half block away. I later learned that our parents had known each other for years. Gerald was two years younger than I was, and I never thought of him as anything but a friend.

I heard rumors that he sucked and fucked his brothers, but I didn't think any more about it, since he never tried making a pass at me. We would occasionally go out drinking at local taverns and clubs. I usually drove, and he would occasionally slap me on the thigh or on the back when we were walking together, but I just shrugged it off as him being overly friendly.

Both Gerald and I loved to go fishing and one summer we decided to go for a week to a fishing camp in the North Woods of Minnesota. I was about twenty-seven at the time. The first day there, I caught Gerald staring intensely at me a several times, taking every opportunity to move next to me and lightly brush against my body. On the second day, I decided to do something about it. We were both in the isolated cabin, I, clad only in my swimsuit. I had let them fall slightly so that my ass crack was slightly showing, and had my back to him while bending over a table, pretending to be reading a newspaper.

I heard him come up behind me, and with his crotch against my backside, he put his hands on my waist and hips. I murmured "Oh, yeah," and he put both his hands inside the elastic waistband of my trunks and began to massage my ass. I continued to utter encouraging words, and sweet, sweet Gerald knelt down, pulled down my suit, an began kissing my cheeks and licking my crack.

I turned to face him and he kissed my protruding cock. It felt sooo good! I had him stand up and then proceeded to hurriedly help him remove all of his clothes.

Now both completely naked, we embraced, furiously grinding our hard ons together and kissing wildly. That night after fishing, we waited until all the lights in the camp were out, and then walked hand-in-hand to the shower room, making sure that no one else in the camp had seen us. We showered together, each in turn soaping and washing the other, paying particular attention to each other's cocks and balls. Gerald asked if he could fuck me, and I said, "Oh yes, please, Gerald, darling, but be careful, because my asshole is virgin, and I don't want you to hurt me!

My brother, Richie, and I have been making love to each other this way since we were teenagers. I know just what to do. I bent over the bench as I was told and Gerald carefully inserted one soaped up finger slowly up my ass.

It was deliciously good and I felt my prick spring to life. Gerald noticed and said, "By the way your cock popped up, I can see that you like it.

You have such a beautiful ass. I'll loosen you up some more and I'll fuck you gently at first. After plunging his one finger in and out of my asshole several more times, he then inserted another and then a third digit and continued to finger fuck my ass. I thought that I would go out of my mind. I felt the head of his soaped-up prick touch my joy ring as he grabbed my hips and slowly pushed it into the opening.

It hurt like hell at first and I cried out, but as he gradually shoved it all the way in and worked it in and out, the pain turned to ecstasy.

As Gerald thrust his dick in and out, lust took over. For every lunge that he made into me, I met with a backward push of my ass to meet him. I wanted this badly. His speed increased as he lost himself in lust, and he fucked my ass as hard as he could.

I continued to meet his thrusts, and my own prick was as hard as it had ever been before. He tensed, cried out in delight, slammed his groin against my ass a few more times and then pumped his huge load of cum into my insides. I thought it was going to fill me all the way up to my throat.

All this marvelous sex caused me to have an orgasm, and I shot my load all over the bench and my arms. I collapsed on the bench and Gerald collapsed on top of me, his now semi-hard cock still well up my ass.

I wished we could stay like that forever. Upon recovering, we showered again, and walked naked back to the cabin through the darkened camp with our arms around each other's waists.

We then got into bed, kissed and fondled each other for a while, and I thanked Gerald for showing me how exquisite ass fucking could be. The fish weren't biting the next morning as Gerald and I sat side-by-side in the boat. It was a rather warm, bright morning for Minnesota in June, so we had earlier taken off all our clothes and sat naked hoping to get a nice tan. We were both aroused due to our daring situation, and soon I couldn't take it anymore.

I put my left hand on Gerald's ass, grabbed his erection with my right, and kissed him furiously. He responded in kind. He started jerking me, went down on his knees, and gave me one of the best blowjobs that I ever had.

His cock was hard and throbbing and I wanted him! I need to feel your cock inside me! I need to be your very own slut!! I laid my belly over the middle seat of the boat, spread my knees wide on the aluminum bottom, and pulled my cheeks apart with my hands so he could more easily penetrate me.

Having no soap or Vaseline with us on the boat, Gerald went to his tackle box, brought out a tube and then lubricated his wanger with a copious amount of black gear lube. He then slipped his long black-lubed cock into my now non-virgin asshole, and started humping furiously. I moved back and forth on his rod with delirious gay abandon. The lust of the moment was overpowering, and the danger of accidental discovery by other fishermen made it all the more thrilling.

I'm sure that I heard the whirring of other boat motors, but we were so engrossed in our perverted lovemaking that nothing else mattered.

We might have had a whole audience, but who cared? He started slamming into me with such force that I cried out, and then a bucket of his cum was unloaded into my rectum. After we cleaned up and dressed, we headed back to camp. I had to stuff a rag up my ass on the way back, because there was so much of Gerald's juices leaking from my butthole.

No one ever mentioned anything, so I guess that our sex tryst went undiscovered after all. That afternoon after lunch, we meandered back to our love nest, and lounged on my bed together. I then said to Gerald, "I want you fuck me again, but this time like a man fucks a woman, and not like an animal. If I'm to be your girlfriend, I want to look at you while you're screwing me. I hurriedly stripped off my clothing, laid back on the bed, and spread my legs like the French whore and slut that I was.

I thrust three of my fingers into my bunghole in order to loosen me up a bit and get my rectal mucous going as I knew we had no lube of any kind in the cabin. Gerald, his long dong ready for action, got onto the bed between my splayed legs and raised up my hips with a pillow. I spread my legs as wide as I could, until he inserted his cock in me and then I picked my legs up and put one on each of his shoulders.

He then slammed fully into me, and I felt his balls against my ass and his hairy groin smashing my nuts and weenie between our stomachs. What an extraordinary exotic sensation!

He kept pumping and pumping faster and harder with each successive stroke while biting my neck and shoulders. It was sheer bliss. The lust in his eyes was a sight to behold. This must have been what sex and love were all about. I rhythmically moved my hips faster and faster in response to his thrusts, and then stiffened and bucked wildly as I climaxed and started spurting my cum between our two writhing and sweating bodies.

Gerald started to unload inside by bowels, but then quickly withdrew his peter, and proceeded to spew the rest of his usual immense load all over my chest and belly. He collapsed on top of me, trapping my cock and balls and slithering our juices between us. I lost track of the time that we spent in this position, but when Gerald finally pulled his organ out of me he wiped the mixture of cum off my torso with his hands and put them to my mouth. I greedily licked off every tasty bit.

I then licked Gerald's chest, belly, prick and nuts clean. I just couldn't get enough of all that delicious juice. We then showered separately so as not to raise any suspicions, had a couple of Manhattans, and went to supper, before going out for the evening round of fishing. We continued our alternate rounds of lovemaking and fishing for the next few days and then headed back to Chicago.

Our affair was short-lived when a woman! I hoped he was happy with that no-good bitch! TAGS anal sex fucking twink all tags. He was always a studious, bookish lad given to long-winded speeches about rather esoteric matters. He was shy and reserved, but I found that rather attractive.

I find this hidden clearing with a pond near our camp site and I try to convince him to go skinny dipping with me. Better than reading. Get instant access to some narrated sex stories from Erotic Audio. You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address. Gone Fishing. Brads First Time with Spanked Buttons and Hard Fucking He was always a studious, bookish lad given to long-winded speeches about rather esoteric matters. First Time Fuck at Jason suggest that we bring out a couple of Porn magazines and one thing leads to the other.

Fish sex story