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Becoming a model is just not about being beautiful and tall. One needs to have that uniqueness which makes you stand out from the rest combined with talent and a desire to back up those looks. Starting from a very young age is common in the industry. Here are few pointers which can help you in becoming the next big teenage model. Image Courtesy: Pixabay.

Single teen model

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Although a career as a teen model can offer lucrative work and glamorous settings, the industry is notoriously tough to break into. Long hours, stiff competition and big, impersonal casting calls are among the less-glitzy aspects of the business.

And while many teen models can earn a healthy paycheck, very few make it to the big leagues and become household names.

If you're interested in giving it a try, be prepared to work hard, stay focused and avoid taking rejection too personally. Confidence, a healthy attitude, and supportive parents are crucial when launching a teen modeling career, whether you start with modeling classes or jump right in. If you are under 18, you need parental approval before signing with an agency. A modeling career can mean long shoots and last-minute assignments, so having your parents behind you can reduce some of the stress and help you balance your modeling career with school responsibilities.

You may also need financial support for modeling classes, professional photos and other expenses associated with modeling. Talk to your parents about your modeling goals and explain to them what their support means to you and to your modeling career.

Professional photographs are essential for beginning a teen modeling career. Look for professional photographers who specialize in headshots or fashion editorial. If professional photography services are too expensive, consider hiring a photography school student.

Since students are building their photography portfolios, they will often agree to photograph you for free. Instruct the photographer to take both headshots and full body shots in various settings. Taking modeling classes isn't required, but if you take them, you may feel more comfortable posing for these photos. Bring several outfits to the shoot, but keep things simple and natural looking.

Agents want to get a sense of what you actually look like without a lot of makeup or distracting clothes and how well you photograph. Despite its fancy name, a teen modeling portfolio is just a bound book with plastic sleeve pages for displaying photographs.

Insert several of the best photos from the photo shoot into the portfolio. It's better to have a few great shots instead of dozens of mediocre ones. As your career moves forward, you will add photographs from modeling jobs to your portfolio. Having both digital and print copies of your headshots means you're prepared no matter how an agency wants to see them. Digital portfolios can help you reach more people instantly.

You can get your face in front of modeling agencies quickly, even if you're across the country. Having a following on Instagram is another way to gain exposure in the industry. Typically, a comp card has a headshot on the front and several smaller images on the reverse side. Think of it as a business card for models. You can get comp cards printed at a printing company.

Contact modeling agencies in your area. Many agencies hold "open call" days when prospective models meet with scouts and present their composition cards and portfolios. Some of the top agencies, such as Ford Models and Elite Model Management, offer online application forms. Agencies post open call times and application instructions on their websites. It's important to look for a legitimate modeling agency to start your career.

Scammy agencies may make promises they can't keep, taking your money and leaving you with no modeling career. A legitimate agency can help you avoid the risk of exploitation, harassment and inappropriate situations. Always trust your instinct when it comes to choosing an agency and modeling jobs. If you're being asked to do something inappropriate or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation.

Sign a contract with an established, reputable agency. Before signing, read the contract carefully with your parents or guardian and ask questions about anything that's unclear. On receipt of your contract, the agency will sign you up for auditions and contact you about upcoming modeling calls.

Since legitimate agents will take a commission from your modeling assignments, you should never pay upfront fees to join an agency. If an agency demands money from you, move on. The modeling industry can offer great opportunities for money and travel, but it is not without risks.

Illegitimate agencies or photographers, pressure to maintain a certain look or weight, and access to alcohol or drugs are some of the challenges teen models may run into.

Keep your parent or guardian involved with your modeling career at all times, and find an agent you can trust who has experience working with teenagers.

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Single teen model

Single teen model

Single teen model

Single teen model.


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Single teen model

Single teen model